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Ways to Sell Land Fast Nationwide

Ways to Sell Land Fast

Sell Land Fast

Sell Land Fast

It’s worth noting that selling land property is not like selling a home. Most people think it’s as easy as calling up a real estate agent and listing their land for sale. Unfortunately, most real estate agents are typically more knowledgeable with selling homes, not land. They understand how to present a house to get top dollar. More often than not, agents don’t spend a lot of time dealing with vacant land property so when they get a listing they just throw it up on their website with little to no supporting information. Not only that, they may be unfamiliar with the land market and often overprice the property so they can receive a better commission. The combination of these things mean that your land won't sell very quickly. Land listings are often on the market for 200-300 days!

We’ve created this site to help landowners like you, to sell land fast. We have a blog explaining everything you’ll need to know know in order to get cash for your property and sell land fast.

Now, we’re not real estate agents so we can’t list your land for you. However if you are interested in getting a cash offer for your land, we’re more than happy to provide one. You can fill out the Sell My Land form by clicking the link. If the pricing doesn’t work for you or you’d prefer to sell the land yourself or through an agent and research your property to get retail value for the land, please click through the website to learn more about how you can write an amazing property listing for your land.

Here are some of the reasons a number of land sellers contact us to sell land fast:

  • We Pay Cash

Banks don’t often loan on land which means most buyers can’t afford to pay you cash for your land. Rather than having to provide owner financing and potentially having to foreclose when your buyer disappears, you can get cash today.

  • No Headache

Transactions are very straightforward because you're dealing with professionals, the real estate is vacant land, and there is no financing involved. Therefore, this will be the easiest real estate transaction you've ever completed!

Sell Land Fast

Sell Land Fast

  • No Fees or Closing Costs

Agents and Land Listing Sites often charge 10% to sell your land. Considering the fact that you’ve got to do most of the leg work to get it sold, why pay them 10%? We don’t charge fees and pay for all closing costs (usually a value of more than $1,000!)

  • We Close Fast

We buy land fast, we know who to call to do our due diligence and often complete it within 24 hours. Retail buyers are usually first time land buyers and can take a long time before they feel confident enough to pull the trigger.

  • Less Paperwork

Selling land through an agent involves a ton of paperwork and contracts that you'll need to read. We keep it easy with just a simple land purchase agreement outlining our offer.

Need to sell land fast? Fill out the form here to get your cash offer.