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Sell Land Fast

If you have some vacant land or a lot that you want to sell, then please contact us and we will make you a cash offer. All of our offers are cash amounts that are Net to Seller. This means that the amount we offer you will be the Net amount that you put in your pocket. We will take care of all closing costs, back taxes (if any), recording fees, or any other fees associated with closing on the transaction.

Many people choose to sell land fast to us versus the hassle of trying to sell it themselves on the open market through a real estate agent. If you look at vacant land for sale in your area, you’ll most likely notice that these properties will sit on the market for 200+ days, oftentimes for more than a year. You also have to deal with agents, brokers, escrow and title companies, a lot of prospective buyers and tire-kickers who will waste your time and never buy, along with a host of other items that will drain your time and energy. If you’re like most people, then you don’t have the time to deal with all of that. That’s where we come in. We strive to make the purchasing process streamlined and easy.

Fill out our Sell Land Fast form today or call us at (202) 826-8179, so that we can evaluate your property and make you an offer.